Ascó Serveis-Sociedad Municipal de Serveis

Ascó (Tarragona)

Project for a sports, therapeutic and hostel complex


Ingenibo Projects has carried out the Basic and Executive Projects for Civil Works, Structure and Facilities, the Activities project for the Environmental License and the Energy Certification of the new complex consisting of two floors above ground. A production system has been designed using renewable energy through a Biomass installation.


  • Plot area: 7,310 m2
  • Built area: 3,615.37 m2
  • Electrical power: 800 kW
  • Refrigerator consumption: 422,519 kWh
  • Heating consumption: 275,166 kWh
  • Dehumidification consumption: 73,553 kWh
  • Pool water heating: 1,040,977 kWh